What is WP Easy Bubble Menu?

  • The Perfect Supplementary Menu for any site.
  • Small Circles that spread and colapse with transition.
  • Simple links with style.
  • A collection of cool animations ready to use.
  • Easy to use – WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Bring your site to life with this amazing plugin.
Built-in Transitions

Select how the links will show, what will trigger the links to show (hover, click) and what animation to use when showing and hiding the links.

Advanced Options

Fiddle with multiple options to get your Bubble Menu looking the way you want it. Customize the radio at which the links will spread. The speed at which the links open, and the speed of each individual link. You can also choose wether or not you want a shadow for the trigger.

Custom Links

Add multiple links easily with the WYSIWYG editor. Upload your own images and use them as icon for the links. Control how the trigger looks when it is closed and open.

Live Preview

Build with confidence with a live preview that updates as you go. This way you know exactly how your creation will look when you place it in your pages.